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Disclaimer website Handed By (https://handedby.com/)

When you are on the Handed By website, it is nice to know where you stand. At all times we try to ensure clear communication via our website as much as possible. However, you may have doubts about certain matters. You can of course contact us. In addition, we would like to provide you with the following disclaimer with our information regarding website communication.

1. Information available on the website
At Handed By we pay a lot of attention to this website. Nevertheless, it is possible that incomplete or incorrect information is readable on our website. With regard to such situations, we do not accept any liability whatsoever arising, directly or indirectly, from your interpretations and the use of any information available on the website. This also applies to information that may or may not have been made available through this website by third parties.

2. Copyright Notice
All content present (written and otherwise) can be classified as copyright protected. Under Dutch Copyright, all discussed content belongs to Handed By. Handed By’s copyright is thus rests on the website content. It is therefore not allowed to reproduce and/ or make our content public without written permission from a legally valid representative of Handed By. If you post content on your own channels that are copyrighted by us without permission, you run the risk of being held liable by us for all costs we incur in this context and the damage we incur as a result.

3. Pricing
Prices, displayed on our website or communicated by one of our employees, can change at any time. No rights can be derived from price indications given or price indications displayed on the website. Only in the case of official quotations can you claim a specific pricing.

4. Rights
In general, no rights can be derived from the information available on our website. Want to know more about the legal policy of Handed By? Send an email to info@handedby.com. Do you have questions about the information as mentioned above? Please feel free to contact us using the details below.

info@handedby.com | +31 (0)348 – 471 714

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