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UP collection

BUP001 UP low / h16 ø34 total height 26cm
BUP002 UP mid / h24 ø34 total height 39cm
BUP003 UP high / h20 ø26 total height 60cm
Material: PP + cinnamon wood

The plant baskets from the Up collection from Handed By puts your plants in the spotlight. The handmade basket is attached to three feet, made of environmentally friendly cinnamon wood. Combine it with the other sizes and colours from the Up collection for a cool, botanical ambiance! Use it for a big cactus or plant and put it in a prominent place in the living room or kitchen. Braided by hand and containing recycled plastic.

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Available Colours:
sahara sand
copper blush
terra spice
pastel purple
hunting green
blue green
dark grey

SPIRE collection

PB020 Spire mid / h36 ø25 – Plastic pot h17 ø18
PB021 Spire big / h30 ø29 – Plastic pot h24 ø21  
PB022 Spire tall / h50 ø21 – Plastic pot h14 ø14
Material: PP

Put your plants in the spotlight in a Spire plant basket by Handed By! Plant baskets are totally in fashion in every elegant interior design. The Spire collection comes in various colours so you can easily find one that looks great in your living room or hall. Braided by hand and containing recycled plastic.

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Available Colours:
sahara sand
ochre yellow
greyish green
steel blue
dark grey
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Our collections are developed in our design studio. We continually seek out trends in terms of lifestyle, home, children and the environment, and speak to clients about their needs. Our designers consider all ideas. That way, we create designs we evaluate critically in brainstorming sessions.



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A glimpse into the life of…

mrs. HUONG, handcrafter

Mrs. Huong is one of about 300 craftswomen who weave baskets and bags for Handed By. She lives on a farm in northern Vietnam. During the day, Mrs. Huong works in the rice fields, and in the evenings, she weaves baskets and bags.
Mrs. Huong has a son and daughter. Since the death of her husband, she has been caring for her children virtually on her own.

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