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about us

handmade for you

about us

Handed By is the leading brand in handmade woven baskets, bags and home accessories and we are driven by the notion of creating a better world. Interested in how we do that? Read more:

DESIGNED for you, HANDMADE for you, RECYCLED for you, and FAIR MADE for you.

ethically produced

fairmade for you

Handed By products are all handwoven. Respect for the Asian traditions and habits is high-up in our agenda. We do not co-operate with heartless manufacturing facilities but directly with the handcrafters; mostly women working from their homes. We offer regular work to around 400 qualified craftswomen. After the work on the fields is finished or when the children are at school, they generate extra income by weaving Handed By products. At home, with their husband, together with the neighbour on the porch or with a group of weavers somewhere in the village.

A glimpse into the life of…

mrs. HUONG, handcrafter

Mrs. Huong is one of about 400 craftswomen who weave baskets and bags for Handed By. She lives on a farm in northern Vietnam. During the day, Mrs. Huong works in the rice fields, and in the evenings, she weaves baskets and bags.
Mrs. Huong has a son and daughter. Since the death of her husband, she has been caring for her children virtually on her own.


autumn / winter collectiON

recycled for you

give plastic a second chance

The Handed By products are giving used-plastics a second chance. We recycle industrial plastic waste into strap material, to create new Handed By bags and basket collections. The entire Handed By collection is made out of recycled plastics. We can all contribute to this process by using recycled plastics in our daily lives. Help the environment and be creative yourself by finding new ways to reduce the use of plastics in general.

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