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Most handcrafters earn a living in the rice fields in the country, or around the small farms with their cattle, poultry and fruit cultivation. They live in one house with their children, parents and grandparents. Once they have finished work in the fields, the mothers and grandmothers weave the baskets. When the baskets are finished, they are taken back to the village. There the baskets are inspected, cleaned and finished at a central site. They are then transported to the central warehouse in the city, where they are packed and shipped to The Netherlands.

a glimpse into the life of…


Mrs. Len is one of many craftswomen who lovingly weave baskets and bags for Handed By. She has a daughter who is now happily married. Her daughter was 3 when her husband passed away, which means Mrs. Len and her daughter have a close bond. Mrs. Len chose to weave baskets and bags for Handed By, and also performs quality checks before the products are packed. She enjoys her work, and values the spare time she has to take care of her grandchild.

a glimpse into the life of…


Mrs. Huong is one of about 400 craftswomen who weave baskets and bags for Handed By. She lives on a farm in northern Vietnam. During the day, Mrs. Huong works in the rice fields, and in the evenings, she weaves baskets and bags.

Mrs. Huong has a son and daughter. Since the death of her husband, she has been caring for her children virtually on her own. The extra income she earns by weaving baskets and bags she spends on her children. At the moment, she enjoys her work and family, and she likes weaving with other women in the village.

a glimpse into the life of…

mr. bu, handCRAFTER

Mr. Bu is a hard worker and is mainly responsible for attaching handles. He also helps with the logistical side of all the work for the weaving groups. His wife also works for Handed By in her spare time, she weaves the bags. They both love their job. They are grandmother and grandfather of 3 grandsons, who live in Shanghai. Unfortunately, he and his wife only see their grandchildren during the holidays. In the farming season they are busy in the fields. The rest of the time they weave bags to earn money to support themselves and buy gifts for their grandsons.

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