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handmade for you
sustainable shoppers and bags

Stylish and handmade bags and shopping bags in beautiful colours and colour combinations. Essential for a day of shopping, getting groceries or a weekend away. All Handed By bags are hand-woven. We believe that it is important to respect the Asian customs and traditions. The sustainable bags are firm, elegant and made of 70% recycled plastic. Beautiful for people and nature.

recycled for you

give plastic a second chance

The Handed By products are giving used-plastics a second chance. We recycle industrial plastic waste into strap material, to create new Handed By bags and basket collections. The entire Handed By collection is made out of recycled plastics. We can all contribute to this process by using recycled plastics in our daily lives. Help the environment and be creative yourself by finding new ways to reduce the use of plastics in general.

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Our collections are developed in our design studio. We continually seek out trends in terms of lifestyle, home, children and the environment, and speak to clients about their needs. Our designers consider all ideas. That way, we create designs we evaluate critically in brainstorming sessions. Only the best ideas are developed in sketches and prototypes. The designs are mocked up during production and subjected to various tests. Subsequently, production commences and the product is introduced.

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