inspired for you

From idea to product

Over the past two years we have been more at home than ever before and that has made us look differently at how we live and where we live. We believe in balance and harmony between people and the earth, collaborating more with a positive attitude and setting common goals, so we can rebuild our community.

It’s about being creative with the materials that are already available for re-use. The combination of the re-use of plastic material and the unique handmade product fits perfectly within the Handed By Autumn collections 2022.

The colours of this new season are based on a soft colour palette. Outdoor life is combined with vintage coloured tones. ‘Evening-glow’ colours like soft orange-pink are in perfect harmony with the different vintage brown tones, green and ecru.

By using different kinds of wood in combination with our weave technique we bring this season the warmth and simplicity into our homes. 

Be inspired by the Handed By Autumn – Winter collections 2022 and reduce the environmental footprint of your closet!